Zola Chen.陳玟樺.Chen Wen Hua
|2023 Fine Art Foto Awards Winner​​​​​​​
八 天 七 夜 五 天 出 海  .  一 船 最 多 八 人
8月中 - 9月底 時間未定,


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2024 Tonga Vava'u Swim with Humpback Whale
August to the end of September, exact dates and prices to be determined this year.

As a passionate whale enthusiast, I am committed to ensuring that these incredible animals are not disturbed, allowing us to witness their beauty in a harmonious and tranquil setting.
With my experience photographing humpback whales in Tonga for many years, I have high standards for selecting the perfect boat and skipper to ensure a memorable and safe excursion. We will spend 6-8 hours daily searching for whales, observing their majestic presence, and swimming alongside them, creating unforgettable memories and deep connections with these magnificent creatures.
For those departing from Taiwan, please allocate two weeks for travel to include flight time and transit accommodation, allowing ample time to fully immerse yourself in this remarkable experience.
Don't miss this incredible opportunity to swim with humpback whales in Tonga Vava'u. Fill out your contact information below to learn more about this extraordinary itinerary.
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2023年 東加Vava’u與鯨共游
2023 Tonga Vava’u and the head of the head are full
八 天 七 夜 五 天 出 海
第一梯:2023 / 8 / 28 - 9 / 04 (滿額)
第二梯:2023 / 9 / 04 - 9 /11( 滿額)
第三梯:2023 / 9 / 11 - 9 / 18( 滿額)
第四梯 :2023 / 9 /18 -  9 / 22( 滿額)
There will be no many steps in the 2024 opening appointment 2024.

2022 基隆海科館『海洋島嶼』大翅鯨攝影展
National Museum of Marine Science and Technology
"Ocean Island" Photography Exhibition
2022 10/28 -2023/3/12

2022 十月金車文藝中心講座
2022 October King Car Cultural & Art Center


Whale Girl's Journey to Capture Humpback Whales in Tonga
海洋生態攝影展: 一起懸浮的片刻 - 陳玟樺 攝影展
Marine Ecology Photography Exhibition:
 FLOATING Together -   Zola Chen  Exhibition
Humpback  Whales  Moment​​​​​​​


一起懸浮的片刻 Floating Together 攝影展

2022. 2.15  ~  4.14
開放時間|一般上班時間  每週一-週五(10:00am-17:00pm)|清明連假休息
2022 .3.22 中央廣播電台 - 人與海的距離 ( 蔣靜君、陳映伶 )

2022 Taiwan DRT SHOW 台灣潛水展 / Speaker

3/12 東加Floatimg Together.群鯨 HEAT RUN .台灣拍攝分享
3/11  Floatimg Together with Humpback Whale 
3/10 一起懸浮的片刻 Floatimg Together / 追逐鯨豚 Chasing Cetacean 
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