一 起 懸 浮 的 片 刻 F l o a t i n g T o g e t h e r ++Limited Print 限量收藏++

The impulse to rise from the waves is an enigma, To break free from the sea's embrace. And yet, as I burst forth into the open air, I am transformed into a flowering sky.
The giant-winged whale is capable of diving to great depths and using its powerful tail fin to sprint through the water. It's possible that these underwater sprints serve to shake off annoying parasites, communicate with nearby whales, or simply express their joy and playfulness by breaching the surface in a leap.
80x58.6cm   限量 12 版  
60x40cm   限量  24 版 
40x30cm    限量 36 版  
18.5x27cm   限量 20 版   
作品售價未稅,不含框件 / 運費 / 紙箱 (需訂製)
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