一 起 懸 浮 的 片 刻 F l o a t i n g T o g e t h e r ++Limited Print 限量收藏++

Heat run !
冰山般的身影奔馳    互相疊映
快了    快追到了    那無以名狀的幸福
是母與子的模樣    懸在前方未知的終點
The pod of whales roll and churn the sea,
Their ice-like figures reflecting in symmetry.
With haste, 
they chase the unnamed bliss,
the Motherand calf , suspended in the abyss.
Their pursuit is like a dance, 
fluid and sleek,
Venturing boldly into the unknown's mystique.
In pursuit of the right to mate in the upcoming season,The humpback whales surge forward, leaving nothing to reason.They create long bubble walls and rub against each other,Escorting with open arms, as if a bus caravan to discover.They swiftly glide through the sea, leaving all behind,But at the forefront, a mother and calf can be entwined.In their wake, they leave a path of beauty and grace,A testament to their will to survive and embrace.

2021 Monochrime Photography Awards / 國際黑白攝影
Horrible Mention 2021 (PROFESSIONAL)

100x66.7cm8  限量 6 版 
80x55cm   限量 12 版  
60x40cm   限量  24 版 
40x30cm    限量 36 版 
18.5x27cm   限量 20 版  

作品售價未稅,不含框件 / 運費 / 紙箱 (需訂製)
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