一 起 懸 浮 的 片 刻 F l o a t i n g T o g e t h e r ++Limited Print 限量收藏++

用我的缺痕和傷口    來認得我吧
最後畫在海上的圖騰    是一株巨大的芽
一個綻放的手勢    一座上面不架燈泡的燈塔
With my scars and wounds, I call out for recognition,
Longing for the moment of artistic fruition.
Finally, a totem is etched on the sea's canvas,
A giant bud, blooming with grand gestures and chances.
Like a lighthouse with no bulbs to shine,
We count the moments until our next meeting in line.
Until then, we bask in the beauty of the present,
A testament to the natural world's magnificent essence.

After taking several breaths at the surface, the humpback whale lifts its magnificent tail and dives gracefully into the depths below. It may remain underwater for more than ten minutes before resurfacing to breathe again. Unique to each individual, the notch on the caudal fin of every humpback whale is a crucial clue in identifying these cetacean creatures.

100x70m   限量 6 版  (最佳臨場感尺寸)
80x55cm   限量 12 版  
60x40cm   限量  24 版 
40x30cm    限量 36 版 
18.5x27cm   限量 20 版  

作品售價未稅,不含框件 / 運費 / 紙箱 (需訂製)
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