一 起 懸 浮 的 片 刻 F l o a t i n g T o g e t h e r ++Limited Print 限量收藏++

妳的鏡頭是眼    我們的眼
A life of chasing and escaping, 
Never shall we stare at each other thus; 
Your lens serves as the eye, and ours, 
A mirror that reflects our mutual gaze.​​​​​​​
Here is a possible revision of the sentence with improved grammar and word choices:
The interaction between humans and whales involves a delicate dance of approach and retreat. If the whale is frightened, persisting in pursuit becomes futile. Only by earning their trust and acceptance can we capture truly exceptional photographs.

2020 IPA國際攝影比賽 榮譽獎
2021 MUSE國際攝影比賽 年度自然類-水下攝影 金獎
2021 MUSE國際攝影比賽 黑白攝影-自然類 金獎

80x56cm   限量 12 版  
60x42cm   限量  24 版 
40x28cm    限量 36 版 
18.5x27cm   限量 20 版  

作品售價未稅,不含框件 / 運費 / 紙箱 (需訂製)
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