一 起 懸 浮 的 片 刻 F l o a t i n g T o g e t h e r ++Limited Print 限量收藏++

鰭下的孩子啊    我們要保護你的今天
那樣光滑  寧靜

As the waterfowl and barnacles etch their marks on therugged coastline, 
we stand watchful and determined toprotect the young ones that swim beneath the waves.
The mother whale, adorned with barnacles and scars, bears witness to the challenges of the deep. In contrast,
her young calf, newly born, glides effortlessly throughthe water with a pristine, unblemished body.
When the mother whale brings her young one close tous, it is a testament to her trust in our presence. Withgentle curiosity, we observe the serene and smoothmovements of the pair, reminding us of the beauty andfragility of the natural world around us.
2020 IPA國際攝影比賽 榮譽獎  
2021 MUSE國際攝影比賽 年度自然類-水下攝影 金獎
2021 MUSE國際攝影比賽 

80x55cm   限量 12 版  
60x40cm   限量  24 版 
40x30cm    限量 36 版 
18.5x27cm   限量 20 版  

作品售價未稅,不含框件 / 運費 / 紙箱 (需訂製)
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